DNA Lounge

375 Eleventh St.

San Francisco, CA 94103


Top Reviews:

  • small and cramped club, but

    That adds to the charm of the place! It lends a quite intimate feel, and makes a small crowd seem like it's packed like sardines. I usually hit this place up on Saturday nights, and let me tell you... the hunnies certainly roll up in…

    Reviewed on : 2006-04-16T06:59:20.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • Dna Lounge is ok

    Can't complaint.. Good music, the drinks are great, very diverse crowd, and when I say diverse I mean diverse. Other than that pleasant atmosphere

    Reviewed on : 2009-12-18T22:56:00.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • DNA

    This place is fun. Open later than other venues in the City. They have live music and they always have a good line up when they do.

    Reviewed on : 2010-06-21T11:07:00.000Z   Founds this Helpful