Timpano Italian Chophouse

The name may sound intimidating, but Timpano is Italy by way of Hoboken.

12021 Rockville Pike

Rockville, MD 20852


Top Reviews:

  • At Timpano, a Tune-Up Is in Order

    By Eve Zibart Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, February 17, 2006 There's an old saying that you can tell the best place to eat along the road by the number of vehicles parked there. That's been the constant at Timpano: a steady bulwark…

    Reviewed on : 2006-02-17T00:00:00.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • Just fine . . .

    Totally fine steak house. Nothing superlative, but nothing really bad either. I posted a much more detailed review about a year ago. Do reviews get deleted over such a short period of time? I frequent Timpano enough to know that this…

    Reviewed on : 2010-04-11T00:00:00.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • question

    In the case of Rockville's Timpano Chophouse, looks are deceiving, for the outer wrapping looks the same as before---dark woods, open kitchen, lounge area, and Frank crooning in the background---but the menu has a totally different focus…

    Reviewed on : 2012-08-10T00:00:00.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • Great for Happy Hour!

    This is a great location for happy hour. They have a screened in area with comfortable seeting as well as the typical bar seating area. Drinks are reasonably prices too!

    Reviewed on : 2005-09-26T09:17:25.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • Great food and service!

    We just went here with a friend and our kids. At first I was questionable about the "appropriate attire" sign in the front of the hostess' table, and the hostesses were a bit snooty but the food and our waiter were great. I ordered the…

    Reviewed on : 2006-06-24T05:52:12.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • Shouldn't they know how to cook steaks here?

    Both times we ate there, the steaks were overdone on one side - charred to two millimeters thick.\r \r The salads were good, but ... the steaks are the main thing, right? Overpriced for amateurish cooking.

    Reviewed on : 2007-07-08T01:19:00.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • Timpano Italian Chophouse

    A great atmosphere, a rare find in Rockville. Great happy hour specials, with friendly service. Live entertainment most nights entices a few to dance. A 30's - 40's crowd tends to frequent the bar. A heated outdoor patio for the smokers -…

    Reviewed on : 2008-02-27T00:35:00.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • question
    L S
    Nice dip

    I liked the artichoke and mushroom dip. My friend did not once she learned there were mushrooms in it. Menu didn't indicate it was there. The food was very expensive but the service was nice and friendly.

    Reviewed on : 2008-08-20T11:54:00.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • Timpano Chophouse; Rockville

    This resturant is extremely fancy. Their food is delicious and they have live entertainment at night. Timpanos Resturant is two stories high, large bar, outside cafe and nice bathrooms. Although their menu is a bit pricey, it's worth it.

    Reviewed on : 2005-08-26T17:48:00.000Z   Founds this Helpful