45131 Columbia Pl

Sterling, VA 20166


Top Reviews:

  • A Slice of Home

    Since we moved to Virginia 5 years ago, we have met more people who have transplanted here from Upstate NY, our original hometown, than people who were born and bred here. So this review is for all native NYers who have found their way to…

    Reviewed on : 2005-07-01T09:09:00.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • A Food Circus

    Though I live in Frederick, this store is worth the trip to Fairfax. They offer a standard grocery store with great prices (lower even than some competitors), plus many gourmet and hard-to-find items. Additionally, they offer…

    Reviewed on : 2005-08-16T20:04:00.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • a grocery shopping experience

    The first time you go, give yourself a few hours. This place is huge. They have every type of produce you can imagine. I did not know there were that many varieties of mushrooms. The prices of produce are reasonable especially…

    Reviewed on : 2005-09-23T07:45:14.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • Wegmans

    What a wonderful grocery store! I love the large selection of produce, including all of the organic choices. They have a decent wine selection, excellent when compared to other grocery stores. The natural foods section is excellent,…

    Reviewed on : 2006-03-25T05:16:13.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • Wished we had a Wegmans

    As far as , I went was the restaurant and I noticed how huge it is .I wished , we had a Wegmans in my area, 30 miles from St.louis,Mo . Customers who visit's Wegmans weekly doesn't realize how lucky they're at least you've a choice .…

    Reviewed on : 2010-08-08T02:41:00.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • Great store, Extremely knowledgeable staff

    This store is big, I mean really big. The Deli section and frozen foods section has very knowledgeable staff- I mean very informed - extensive knowledge about the knds of meat and stuff- I ahve learnt a lot from those people. Awsome …

    Reviewed on : 2005-07-19T02:20:00.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • Beautiful store

    This store is SOOO BIG!! It's decoration is lovely too.... just makes me so happy to be here. The staff is really nice as well and they know so much. I have a hard time deciding what to buy because they make everything sound so…

    Reviewed on : 2005-11-02T14:26:00.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • This store is Amazing!

    This store has groceries,gourmet food,ready to eat food(including an oriental food bar),and tables to eat at,a pharmacy,lot's of unfood items.A large variety of magazines and newspapers from various cities and sates.The staff gives…

    Reviewed on : 2005-06-01T17:28:00.000Z   Founds this Helpful