La Foret

21747 Bertram Rd

San Jose, CA 95120


Top Reviews:

  • Booneyland French restaurant delivers!

    I had heard of La Foret before, but was also a little skeptical of the glowing reviews. it's tucked DEEP...

    Reviewed on : 2007-02-19T12:32:15.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • Awesome

    Love this place, nice and close and top notch.A wonderful place to meet up with friends or have a date night with your spouse.\r \r Great help and excellent service.\r \r Last time we where there it had a heavy mothball smell…

    Reviewed on : 2006-07-26T18:10:00.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • La Foret

    I have had brunch at La Foret twice. Both times it has been very good. I am planning on having dinner there one of these days too. The best thing about La Foret is the view and atmosphere. It is just beautiful there. The food was good both…

    Reviewed on : 2006-07-25T22:08:00.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • Resturant

    I have been dining (with my wife of course) at La Foret for over 10 years. The place is on the high end as far as the price, however they are completely aware of that, and the service has NEVER been anything less than perfect, and we have…

    Reviewed on : 2009-05-19T05:12:00.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • Nice, romantic setting

    La Foret is a restaurant in a beautiful setting. The food is very good and the service is good. We went on a New Year's Eve and I think they had an abbreviated menu. The food was excellent, though. Even though I prefer restaurants with…

    Reviewed on : 2006-07-26T18:18:00.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • One of the Finest Restaurants in San Jose

    The food and wine is magnificent. The fresh wild game is one of the house specialties. It' has a very beautiful tasteful decor. Service is top notch. After having dinner several times, I was amazed at the beauty of the creekside location…

    Reviewed on : 2008-06-06T07:12:00.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • Satisfied

    This restaurant is very good! The food were all great! I like the service of their staff too. I'm satisfied!

    Reviewed on : 2014-04-11T02:01:47.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • question

    If you're tired of small plates, big trends and uber-hip lounge fare, La Foret is the place for you. Enjoy fine French cuisine in a beautiful old-country setting; relax at a window seat overlooking a meandering stream and the lush…

    Reviewed on : 2012-08-10T00:00:00.000Z   Founds this Helpful