Backyard Grill

Sandwiches, salads and steaks: The Chantilly pub offers the American food trifecta.

13999 Metrotech Dr

Chantilly, VA 20151


Top Reviews:

  • "Owner" ROB is a 1st rate JERK!!!!!!!!!

    Tried to donate some clothes to the Good Samaritan, which is a couple doors down. He would not move his overpriced Cadillac to let me get by to the store. The beer distributor had to move his truck. Rob stated that he was the owner, but…

    Reviewed on : 2010-08-31T00:00:00.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • "Owner" ROB is disrespectful!!!

    Tried to donate some clothes to the Good Samaritan, which is a couple doors down. He would not move his...

    Reviewed on : 2010-08-31T14:05:13.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • Alf Laylah, Tysons Corner and Chantilly

    Good: The entertainment and food are absolutely awesome. Their Tysons location is even better. Other: The restaurant is in great location and the belly dancer is awesome. The food is great and service is excellent..

    Reviewed on : 2011-02-22T07:14:52.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • The Best Arabic Food & Entertainment

    Finally all in one, great food, great service, great price and fantastic entertainment for all ages! We've been looking for a restaurant like this. Hidden away in the corner of a plaza on metro tech drive. Nights are usually busy but…

    Reviewed on : 2008-03-03T11:07:01.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • Overpriced, horrible quality, and unfriendly.

    Very overpriced with $8 homes appetizers and $24+ platters for low grade quality food with tiny portions. If you want to spend that kind of money on Levantine food take your money to Lebanese Taverna to get your dollars worth.

    Reviewed on : 2010-11-18T06:14:23.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • Great Times!

    This place is my all time favorite! The food ranges from excellent to decent- but it's a nightclub- so exactly what I expect from a nightclub. It's fun! The band is lively, there's always a nice mix of people - and always fantastic…

    Reviewed on : 2008-09-09T05:38:17.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • Decent hooka/sheesha, the food is just ok

    This place is not to bad, mainly because its the only one in the area. The hooka/sheesha is just ok, not excellent, but their service is a little slow at times. They have a nice band playing on the weekends, and it does get pretty packed…

    Reviewed on : 2005-12-23T12:05:49.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • wow wow wow great place

    great food great music great service and awsom hookahs and the new Tysons location is even better what can i say all around great place but i wish the owner would smile more often he's a serious guy but i guess he has to be to run his…

    Reviewed on : 2011-05-18T12:35:11.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • Beware

    Unless you are 21 do not bother.We sat at the bar 25 minutes with empty glasses trying to get beer. While others around us were getting served. They have a private in crowd do not try and join. Go around the corner (In the same shopping…

    Reviewed on : 2008-06-21T02:12:00.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • Okay food, lousy service, overpriced

    This seems to be a popular restaurant in our business area, but I was greatly disappointed when we visited for lunch. \r \r We sat inside and it was dark and gloomy. The menu doesn't have a great variety. I ordered a hamburger because…

    Reviewed on : 2008-07-28T17:29:00.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • Lunch Date <3

    I Came here to eat lunch with my boyfriend and we had a great meal. The service was great, the food was great, and the price was reasonable. I think the best part of the place were the walls!!!! They have a unique and artistic interior…

    Reviewed on : 2012-01-28T03:08:00.000Z   Founds this Helpful
  • Brunches

    The Holiday brunches, amazing! You can't beat a buffet full of delicious breakfast and lunch items, and they cook exquisite, giant, waffles in front of you every Sunday!

    Reviewed on : 2012-02-11T04:05:00.000Z   Founds this Helpful