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Online checking has tremendously matured since it\'s early days.  After a slow start, banking online now offers a very convenient and useful method of banking. And some online-only banks even provide added advantages to their offerings with higher yields and lower fees for online checking accounts than many brick-and-mortar banks provide.

The biggest advantage is convenience. Services are available 24/7, and transactions are almost instantaneous. You also can login into other accounts, such as certificates of deposit or individual retirement accounts, with just a few clicks. Consumers can log into their accounts through the Internet via computer or mobile devices. And they can be easily set up online just by filling out an application.

Online checking accounts come in two 
versions: via the online arm of a brick-and-mortar bank or through online-only banks with no physical branches. Online-only banks usually have fewer fees. But they also have a downside. They have more basic, and fewer, checking account offerings.  Either way, online checking accounts have many benefits. 


One of the biggest advantage is fewer fees than traditional brick and mortage banks. As free checking disappears, online-only banks are gaining popularity. This is because the banks can run them with fewer expenses and are able to pass on the fewer fees to the consumer.  Some virtual banks even pay the ATM fees nationwide for you to get you to sign up.  In addition, there are no fees for low balances, and there are no minimum deposit amounts. There\'s also free bill pay and ATM access. 


Harder to resolve problems or answer questions since you are missing the in person contact for help when resolving problems.  However phone support for online banking has improved dramatically and it isn\'t that big of a problem more recently. 
Security can vary due to the vulnerability of the consumer but in general online banking is very safe.  Online banks do a good job with security,

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