when u first closed....I was calling all the time to see if u were going to reopen.you have so many people that miss this restaurant so much.it was the best in town.im so sorry that u decided to close it...you r going to be missed so much.

To die for!: This is our favorite "fast food" Italian place! The food is just amazing, and it is very affordable. Their pizza is incredible, and the pasta dishes are as good as you can get in any sit-down resturant.

Cocos restaurant is a great place to go and have a sit in meal in a very nive resturant. they have delicious food and deserts that will keep you coming back again and again

The resturant is always busy... their bar is open for those who wish to relax while waiting for table... I think their prices are a little steep... but price of good food... employees always with a smile

Want a "real good" Italian Deli, or resturant, then I would say that this is just about the "Best" you will get anywhere in this town. It's almost like "Mom's Home Cooking.

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