This resturant is located in a beatiful old building on the river front. The food is awesome, ( and its not just spaghetti!) This place is usually packed on weekend nights. Make reservations!

I realized when I worked in a resturant that this place was the best place to buy furniture and resturant neccessities. They were always friendly and easy to order from. They were really reasonable with prices.

when u first enter Guido's doors you are treated like family..The food there is wonderful, its hard to say your favorite because there are many wonderful dishes.Guido's is a very clean and sanitary place.When u leave, you will leave with a…

This is one of the greatest historical spots in St.louis. It has been fully restored and now is home to lots of cute little shops and resturants. It still has trains parked in the train yard , which looks very cool. The building is just…

Mekong is a very cute Vietnamese resturant. It is not far from SLU and it has very tasty spring rolls. When I went I decided to try the Tofu in Red Curry and I loved it. It had great bold flavor at a reasonable price.

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