Just had some dinner from the restaurant. We ordered steak rice beans pupusas. Food was great. Price was amazing. Nice size restaurant, two sides to the restaurant. would go back again

This is the best family restaurant on Staten Island. Very big and very friendly. They are always having family events. The food is great. Lots of parking. Located right in the heart of West Brighton.

this is a little bite of new york city in staten island. The food is outragous. the service is excellenct. Feels like a bistro in little italy. best resturant in staten island. Try the zuppa pesce. its pricey but what do you expect…

i went to Ayza on new years eve with a party of 6 people and i have to say we where all very impressed right from the food to the service in this resturant was excellent i would highly recommed it...

Want pizza in a fancy resturant or just plain italian food. They have very friendly waiters and waitress who serve you and have wonderful pizza. Prices are also low so like going to a fancy pizzaera and getting served so your feet and legs…

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