The second floor at Neiman Marcus has great women's accessories and cosmetics. If you can't find it there they can almost surely find for you at another store. Lovely!

I wandered into Neiman Marcus to buy my adult daughter some blush for her birthday. I ended up spending $400 on myself as well. If I owned a business I would want every single one of these sales associates working for me. That is their…

The Mercado is a great place overall, but there is one thing that stands out for me and my family: the Tortilla Chips in the food court. Really and truely, these are the greatest tortilla chips I've found in the twin cities. Made fresh…

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Hi-Lake Shopping Ctr. 2204 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN
Kmart Shopping Center. 10 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN
Southtown Shopping Ctr. 523 S 8th St, Minneapolis, MN
Calhoun Village Shopping Ctr. 3200 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN