Just had some dinner from the restaurant. We ordered steak rice beans pupusas. Food was great. Price was amazing. Nice size restaurant, two sides to the restaurant. would go back again

Want pizza in a fancy resturant or just plain italian food. They have very friendly waiters and waitress who serve you and have wonderful pizza. Prices are also low so like going to a fancy pizzaera and getting served so your feet and legs…

A delight as always. They delivery guy is always kind. Their food is consistently great!

My favorite meal at Miracle Grill is the brunch. They have really terrific and tasty egg dishes, and good pancakes for the kids too. I also enjoy their lunch and dinner options. Good solid southwestern food.

That corner has seen many restaurants in the past 15 years and fortunately this one stuck around. They have good hamburgers, steak and other TeX-Mex stuff. I recently had a soup of the day - corn chowder - which was out of this world.…

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by Wendy S

Outstanding food, cozy atmosphere