We came in our MSU garb, and our waitress automatically brought out an MSU menu for us with themed food and cheaper (abet, sometimes lower quality) alcohol. As Spartans, we appreciated the altered menu and chuckled at the fact that it had…

One Lounge offers a little something for everyone. The lounge manages to pull off a cozy, laid back, sophistication while maintaining a lively energy. yet an oddly homey feel. And that's kind of what the layout reminds me of - dim…

While meeting up with a friend in Dupont we were interested in trying a new area bar where we could try a few new specialty cocktails. At the time they were featuring their Cherry Blossom cocktail which my friend immediately ordered. The…

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Public Bar. 1214 18th St NW, Washington, DC
Bar Review. 1150 18TH St NW, Washington, DC
Rocket Bar. 714 7th St NW, Washington, DC
Nellie's Sports Bar. 900 U St NW, Washington, DC

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Presidents Sports Bar
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A comfortable bar, located at the Washington DC Renaissan...

Grand Slam Sports Bar
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Great Place for Food, sports, and fun

Black Fox Lounge
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My new favorite place to hang out!